Apply for the NSMC Social Media Internship

Applications due by January 25, 2017.


What is this?

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The Nephrology Social Media Collective (NSMC) internship was established in 2015 with the goal of training doctors to communicate effectively through social media. The ability to define your personal online identity is a core competency of the future. 

The NSMC internship will give you modern communication skills that will not be taught at the hospital.

The only way to learn medicine is to practice medicine.

The only way to learn how to harness social media is to practice doing it.

The NSMC Internship provides repeated opportunities to practice nephrology social media. We also provide mentorship, discussion, guidance and direction. The faculty pushes the boundaries of traditional social media through the use of games, polls, audio, and video.

An important part of the curriculum will be learning about and demonstrating professionalism in the use of social networks and media.

What are the expectations?

The core teaching curriculum (i.e. our General Medicine Service) is NephJC. It meets for two 1-hour sessions twice a month (4 hours a month). Interns are expected to attend and participate in 3 sessions every two months.

Interns will also participate in two projects. The first occurs in February and March and is participating in NephMadness. This will require 3-4 flexible hours. The second project is self directed. Interns will work with their mentor to find and execute a project that will finish up in the Fall. Expect a similar 3-4 hour time commitment.

NSMC interns will have opportunities to work with the creators of the following projects:

  • Renal Fellow Network

  • NephMadness

  • NephJC

  • NephronPower

  • PBFluids

  • AJKD Blog

  • UKidney

  • Dream RCT

  • NephPearls

  • FiKi Wiki

Interns can participate in the program from anywhere with internet access. 

Who are we looking for?

  • Nephrology fellows
  • Residents bound for nephrology
  • Attendings in nephrology

If you are not one of the above and are still interested, send in an application. We have an open mind and have had success with non-nephrologists.

You do not need to have a blog or Twitter account, but you will need to get on Twitter and Google Docs if you become an intern. That is where the conversation is.

This is a unique opportunity to boost ones social media cred and become one of the leaders of social media and nephrology.

Applications due January 25, 2017.


E-mail us:  Tweet us: @Kidney_Boy



The Inaugural 2015 Class


  • Nikhil Shah was nephrology fellow at the University of Alberta in Canada during the internship. He has joined the ranks of NephJC and is currently a home hemodialysis fellow at the University of Alberta. He currently blogs at Nephrology Tweetbook and tweets from dr_nikhilshah. He is also a member of the NephMadness editorial team.
  • Chi Chu was an internal medicine intern at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, CA during the internship and will begin his nephrology fellowship at the University of California San Francisco. He tweets from CdChu.
  • Scherly Leon was a nephrology fellow at SUNY Downstate Medical Center during the internship and is currently an attending. She is working with NephJC and tweets at SLeonMD. She is on the ASN Media and Communications Committee.
  • Hector Madariaga was a nephrology fellow at SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital during the internship and has completed a transplant fellowship and is an attending in Boston. He Tweets at HecMagsMD and a member of the NephJC team. He was recently named to the International Society of Nephrology Social Media Task Force.

The Class of 2016

  • Dearbhla Kelly is a nephrology fellow in Dublin, Ireland. You can follow her on Twitter @DearbhlaKelly4. She is on the NephJC team.
  • Kamran Boka is a pulmonary critical care attending at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. You can follow him on Twitter @drbokaPulmCC. Check out his App
  • Helen Currier is a nephrology nurse and director of renal and pheresis in Houston Texas. Her Twitter account is @hxcurrier.
  • Silvi Shah was a transplant fellow at the University of Alabama, Birmingham during the internship. She is currently an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati. She Tweets @silvishah. She is now now on Team NephJC and is on the NephMadness editorial team. Silvi is also a member of the International Society of Nephrology Social Media Task Force.
  • Khrram Mehtabdin is a nephrology fellow at Northwell Health System in New York. He Tweets @KhurramKidney.
  • Noah Kline is a medical student in Detroit Michigan. He Tweets @NoahKline.
  • Benjamin Stewart is an Internal Medicine Resident in Cambridge, UK. He tweets @drbstewart. He has also joined NephJC.

The NSMC Faculty

  • Joel Topf
  • Swapnil Hiremath
  • Matthew A. Sparks
  • Paul Phelan
  • Tom Oates
  • Edgar Lerma
  • Jordan Weinstein
  • Joshua Schwimmer
  • Kenar Jhaveri
  • Scherly Leon
  • Nikhil Shah
  • Hector Madariaga
  • Chi Chu
  • Timothy Yau
  • Dearbhla Kelly
  • Kamran Boka
  • Helen Currier
  • Silvi Shah
  • Khurram Mehtabdin
  • Noah Kline
  • Benjamin Stewart