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Applications due by January 1, 2019.



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The Nephrology Social Media Collective (NSMC) internship was established in 2015 with the goal of training doctors to effectively harness social media in order to be leaders in medicine. The ability to define your personal online identity is a core competency of the future. 

The NSMC internship will give you modern communication skills that are not taught in medical school, residency, or fellowship.

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The only way to learn medicine is to practice medicine.

The only way to learn how to harness social media is to practice doing it.
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The NSMC Internship provides repeated opportunities to practice nephrology social media. We also provide mentorship, discussion, guidance and direction.

An important part of the curriculum will be learning about and demonstrating professionalism in the use of social networks and media.

What are the expectations?

The complete teaching curriculum is available here. But the framework of the curriculum is:

  • NephJC. We look at NephJC as our core teaching service. It is the general medicine wards of our internship. Interns are expected to be regular participants in NephJC. But beyond being regular participants, interns become part of the backbone of NephJC by writing summaries, creating visual abstracts, curating summaries of the chat, and ultimately, hosting a chat.

  • Slack Back Channel. Interns will be invited into a private Slack group with the faculty and advisors. In this backchannel we point out both good and bad uses of social media. We discuss why it is good (or bad). Much of the learning and mentoring occurs in this channel.

  • Special Projects. Interns will start off the year writing a blog post. After that they will create support and promotional content for NephMadness. Over the summer interns will then write a blog post for Renal Fellow Network, NephJC or another channel.

  • Didactic Sessions. We use the infrastructure of GlomCon to stream lectures to the interns (Zoom conferences). This includes lectures on Nephrology Social Media, professionalism, using social media for academic advancement (no guarantees that you will achieve professor of medicine on the back of Twitter).

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Interns can participate in the program from anywhere with internet access and the program has had interns have great experience from India, UK, Australia, Egypt and other places. However, interns need to attend NephJC and so take a look at the NephJC times and see if you can make it work with your schedule.


How much time do interns spend on NSMC? Here is the feedback from this year's graduating interns:

If you want a realistic estimate of the time requirement, here is what the class of 2018 had to say about the workload.

If you want a realistic estimate of the time requirement, here is what the class of 2018 had to say about the workload.

Who are we looking for?

  • Nephrology fellows

  • Residents bound for nephrology

  • Attendings in nephrology

If you are not one of the above and are still interested, send in an application. We have an open mind and have had success with non-nephrologists but understand much of the expertise and content is directed to nephrologists.

You do not need to have a blog or Twitter account, but you will need to get on Twitter if you become an intern. That is where the conversation is.

This is a unique opportunity to boost ones social media cred and become one of the leaders of social media and nephrology.

Applications due January 1, 2019.


E-mail us:  Tweet us: @Kidney_Boy

Executive Team

  • Joel Topf*

  • Silvi Shah**

  • Swapnil Hiremath

  • Matthew A. Sparks

  • Tom Oates

  • Hector Madariaga

  • Cathy Quinlan

  • Edgar Lerma

  • Samira Farouk

  • Gates Colbert

  • Sayna Norouzi

  • Nikhil Shah

  • Natasha Dave

Faculty Mentors

  • Nimra Sarfaraz

  • Aakash Shingada

  • Divya Bajpai

  • Mohamed Elgral

  • Beje Thomas

  • Omar Taco

  • Sinead Stoneman

  • Tim Yau

  • Laura Slatterly

  • Maryam Khosravi

  • Bea Concepcion

  • Dearbhla Kelly

  • Sanjeev Nair

  • Mayuri Trivedi

  • Ankur Shah

  • Michelle Rheault

  • Amit Langote

  • Annabel Biruete

  • Kamran Boka

  • Pablo Garcia

  • Paul Phelan

  • Mya Htwe Nge

  • Sarah Gleeson

  • Anna Burgner


  • Lekha Tummalapalli

  • Benjamin Stewart

  • Brian Stotter

  • Joshua Schwimmer

  • James Novak

  • Helen Currier

  • Justin Berk

  • Vanessa Grubbs

  • Ali Poyan Mehr

  • Chi Chu

  • Kenar Jhaveri

  • Scherly Leon 

  • Diana Mina

  • Kate Robson

  • Nathaniel Reisinger

  • Angel Ortiz

  • Manasi Bapat

* Program director
** Associate program director

The NSMC internship has been one of the most amazing things I have done. I was able to learn new skills including blog post writing, hosting a Twitter chat, making a visual abstract, and making a video. I was introduced to a phenomenal community of dedicated and giving nephrology faculty and trainees across the world. Seeing their energy and initiative was inspiring.
— graduating intern, class of 2018
2018 NSMC intern evaluations: 1 = minimal educational value, 5 = high educational value

2018 NSMC intern evaluations: 1 = minimal educational value, 5 = high educational value

Opened so many new opportunities for me, and made me recognizable in the nephrology community. I made many valuable connections through NSMC, found new mentors, it allowed me to create content I like and in tune with my interests and publish it online. It enhanced my nephrology core knowledge.
— graduating intern, class of 2018
2018 NSMC intern evaluations: 1 = Never, 5 = absolutely

2018 NSMC intern evaluations: 1 = Never, 5 = absolutely

Each one of the experiences in NSMC has objectives that allow you to confront your professional and personal side. It developed unknown abilities that broke through my comfort zones. NSMC is, and surely will be, an experience that allows deepening effectiveness in areas of controversy and great interest. It has been an invaluable opportunity for me.
— graduating intern, class of 2018