Self directed study

Silvi rescues ASN communities website

Communities is a new initiative by ASN. It is a discussion board. One of the threads started to turn into a very negative view of nephrology with complaints about the poor pay and dark future for nephrology. This is how Silvi responded to the thread:

This was so welcome that I received an e-mail from the ASN official in charge of Communities pointing her post to me as an example of the self-correcting behavior of online communities. I couldn't be more proud of our NSMC intern. Great work Silvi!

Nikhil has two blogs? Of course he does.

Nikhil is diving right into this Nephrology Social Media thing with not one but two unique blogs. The first is a Blogger blog called Nephrology Tweetbook where he tracks interesting tweets about nephrology. Well executed.

The other is a WordPress blog with only one post so far but it looks like a public note file. Take a look at the post on PTLD. I am very interested to see how this blog develops.