Get your NephJC Swag

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The Classic NephJC Coffee Mug

All good nephrologists scoff at puny 6 oz coffee cups. The only way to get stimulated is with a full 15 ounces of fully caffeinated coffee. Drink it from the original NephJC mug.

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Heroes of Nephrology Mug

The history of nephrology is full of some greats. Here are two: Willem Kolff the inventor of dialysis and Homer Smith one of the key scientists in figuring out how the kidney works.

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Willem Kolff Sticker

Number 2 in the Heroes of Nephrology series. Perfect for lap tops and scientific defacing of public property.


Homer Smith Sticker

Number 1 in the Heroes of Nephrology series. Perfect for laptops and scientific defacing of public property.


JCAHO Outlaw Coffee Mug

Sick of the Joint Commission telling you where you can and cannot drink coffee? Join the revolution and become a JCAHO Outlaw!


NephJC Pin

Ready to tackle your next conference in style? Or maybe you just need to spruce up your Sunday best. Enhance your attire with this NephJC Pin. Everyone is wearing them.


No Baclofen Pin

Support the cause to raise awareness that baclofen toxicity occurs all to often in people with reduced kidney function.


Dipsogenic Dromedary Shirt

Relive your favorite 2018 NephMadness Meme, the Dipsogenic dromedary, and be the hit of the party when you explain the how the camel can really concentrate its urine.

All proceeds go to supporting this money pit. If we start making some real coin, will need to work this out better. We're not holding our breath.