So you want to NephJC but you don't know how

Step 1:

Are you a member of Twitter? Well to do our twitter journal club you need to be on Twitter.

Step 2:

Follow the right people: 

  • @NephJC
  • @HSwapnil
  • @Kidney_boy
  • A list of other high-yield nephrology Twitter accounts can be found here.
  • A list of official organizations on Twitter can be found here.

Step 3:

Then, a few minutes before the chat go to and log in. Then enter NephJC in the box asking for a hashtag. Every tweet anyone publishes with that hashtag, will show-up in the stream. Any tweet you type in the box will have #NephJC added to the back of it, so other people using this (or similar programs) will be able to see your tweet even though they may not follow you.

Check out the video