The NephJC San Diego Beach Party

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According to Matt, the key to Kidney Week is the three Ps:

  1. Posters

  2. Plenary sessions

  3. Parties

For the last 10 years #NephTwitter has done a tweet-up at Kidney Week. For the last three year Satellite Healthcare has teamed up with NephJC to sponsor a real party. NephJC is proud to say that Satellite has returned for a fourth year and is sponsoring the NephJC Beach Party.

We need to have an idea of how many people are coming so we have enough food. We are collecting your email simply to notify you of any changes and to send a last minute reminder. We are not using this data for anything else and will destroy it after the party.

If you have other dinner plans and will be joining us later, don’t bother with the RSVP. The RSVP is only for dinner.

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The party is at De Anza Cove, Mission Bay. This is a 15 minute car ride from the convention center.