I need every intern to get a pair of mentors by Wednesday. Follow the link and fill in two mentors. Please ask them by e-mail or twitter before putting a name down. 

Mentor Spreadsheet

If there are blanks on the spreadsheet after Wednesday I will fill it in. (that was supposed to sound ominous)


I need everyone to have an idea of what they are going to do for NephMadness by Friday. If you have an idea tell it to your mentor (or everyone) and discuss it. Make it as good an idea as possible. Remember the NSMC blog has links to some of the previous projects done by the interns.


If you can’t come up with an idea by Friday, the default idea will be a VisualAbstract. I really think these are going to be the primary means of communicating scientific information through social media.


Add your NephMadness project to the same mentor spreadsheet.

There are a lot of third party twitter clients like Twitterific and TweetBot and a lot of them are awesome but none of them can see multi party direct messages. So if you are using them you are not seeing the (sometimes) vibrant discussion on the NSMC intern discussion list. Please download the first party Twitter client or use the web interface to be a part of this discussion.

Thanks Gates for reminding me of this. 

Twitter Clients

Doximity Misogyny

The first started on Doximity where a surgeon made an ass of himself by being misogynistic.

This was transferred from Doximity to Twitter where a number of people got very angry and you could feel a mob starting to gather. Collective shaming is one of the core competencies of social media. (If you are not aware of the story of Justine Sacco, you should be.) I don’t think mass shaming is ever productive and can be incredibly damaging. Then this tweet came up:

I don’t know who this guy is, and I don’t know if he wrote the passage, but it totally defused the situation. The rage dissipated as did the tweet stream. It was a cool moment.

The other item I want to point you to is an interaction I had on Twitter on Friday. You can follow the story at PBFluids. The part that isn’t in the blog was deciding that tweeting back and forth was not going to change minds so I DM’d her and proposed that I write the blog post, let her see it and respond with a rebuttal (if a rebuttal is written before the first argument is posted is it a pre-buttal). Dr. Witteman agreed and she posted a 500 word addendum to my post. She also made some good suggestions to my blog post that I included. I have used the technique before when I am going to post something that someone may consider an attack. It works well, another example

I thought both episodes were examples of remembering that there is a person on the other end of the internet tube and we should be professional and cordial in our relations. No need to be barbarians.

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