New to Twitter? Wondering who to follow?

Twitter is a strange a service, because if you don't follow anyone it is about as useful as the first telephone. Value only emerges as your follow list evolves. One of the missions of NephJC is to bring nephrologists together for twitter events so people can find other interesting people develop there own network. If you don't pick up 1 or 2 new people to follow at every #NephJC discussion either we are doing a bad job or you're doing it wrong.

The value of Twitter is related directly to the quality of the people you follow. In the  spirit of helping people get started on Twitter we are going to recommend accounts to follow on Twitter. This first edition is about official accounts.

CRIC: Chrinic Renal Insufficiency Cohort. The most important observational study in CKD ever conducted.

KDIGO: Global nephrology clinical practice guidelines

ERA-EDTA: European nephrology professional association

ASNKidney: The big kahuna.

RenalMed: Free online nephrology resources

NatureRevNephrology: Editors of Nature Reviews Nephrology

Andrew Narva: Director of of the NKDEP using twitter to fight the good fight

Richard Lehman: Simply the best commentator on internal medicine research in the world.

Kidney News: News magazine for the ASN

NEJM: The Journal of Record

JAMA: Wants to be The Journal of Record

CJASN: New to the show, show them some follow love. Only 22 followers. Really?

eAJKD: the blog of the AJKD with 1200 followers. Hey, CJASN, this is how it's done!

The International Society of Nephrology. ASN but for the world.

Canadian Society of Nephrology. ASN but for the Great White North