#NephJC goes again tomorrow November 4 with Steigerwalt and @Nephro_Sparks

We have covered a lot of subjects in our first half year but tomorrows study is unique. For the first time NephJC is going to tackle a basic science paper. In order to make this work we are bringing in a couple of ringers.

  • First, we got Dr Susan Steigerwalt, a renowned hypertension specialist who has had a ringside seat for every significant hypertension study of the past two decades. While we were reading about these studies in our pajamas, Dr Steigerwalt was in the trenches calibrating mercury sphygnomamoters. She wrote an in-depth summary of the article that is available at NephJC.com. Don't miss it.
  • The other ringer is Matt Sparks. You may know him from his high profile roles at the Renal Fellow Network, where he played a critical role in saving this institution after the tragic death of Nathan Hellman and or his role as a founder of AJKDblog. But what you probably don't know is that in addition to being a blogger he is a basic science researcher and has sophisticated knowledge about this very paper. We are delighted that he has agreed to step up to the table to spin those wheels of steel and host the @NephJC twitter account tomorrow as we do a deep dive on Harrison's land mark article on T cells and the genesis of hypertension.

The article is a doozy, so make sure you do your homework. Help us make this very special basic-science episode of NephJC a success.