The Rheum Guys show up at #NephJC 17

Tonight we had the first leg of the #NephJC 17 - on Maintenance therapy in ANCA Vasculitis. Not only did Paul Sufka do a great job of the summary write up, he and his Rheum buddies showed up (Al and Sam in particular) and made for a fascinating discussion. Look forward to the #RheumJC starting sometime early next year, that will be a heckuva journal club, for sure. 

And of course, we will be having a second 'leg' - on Thursday at 8 PM GMT, Tom Oates (@toates_19 and winner of the best tweeter #NephJC award at #Kidneywk14) will host another #NephJC on the same article, giving an opportunity for our transatlantic brethren to join in. Look forward to another update in a couple of days!

Curated Transcript