The First NephJC Google Hangout

We are interested in finding innovative ways to share the collective wisdom of the nephrology community. The Twitter discussions have been excellent so far. Our next experiment is a Google Hangout, which is a video chat. The idea is that we will present a new journal article on alternating Tuesdays. Then on the off Tuesday we will broadcast a Google Hangout which will summarize the previous week's Twitter Chat and introduce the next week's journal club article. This will provide a tick-tock rhythm to NephJC.

We are new to Google Hangouts so we will be experimenting with various formats. For the first one we will have one of the article's authors, Vlado Perkovic join Joel Topf, Paul Phelan and Hiremath Swapnil on the Hangout. We will take audience questions during the hangout.

Each hangout will be recorded and added to commentary on the article.