NephJC made the FOAM Reduction e-mail mailing list

FOAM Reduction bills itself as a Twitter-free means of receiving FOAM (free open access medical education). The July 25th edition touched on the recent hyponatremia guidelines and included a shout out to our TweetChat. We are honored.


Rumor has it that hyponatremia is near the top of UpToDate’s most searched list. Probably because it is so damn common (15-20% of hospital admissions) and the algorithm is a pain. Enter the Hyponatremia Guideline Development Group (I want to party with these guys), who recently published a new clinical practice guideline for diagnosis and treatment of hyponatremia. It is surprisingly easy to follow, by eliminating volume status guesses and depending on urine osmolality, urine sodium to determine the etiology of water excess.

The guideline can be found here and if you want a more expert take on the guidelines, a group of nephrologists performed a Twitter-based journal club (#NephJC, @nephjc) dissection on the guideline here.

I included the diagnosis algorithm from the new guideline below, along with the algorithm I see used most often.