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RSS feed users

If you like subscribing to RSS feeds to get updates - we now make it easy to subscribe to our blog feed. 

Click on this link and it will allow you to subscribe easily using your choice of reader.  

If You Don't Know What RSS Stands for and Would Like to Know

RSS (Rich Site Summary - or really simple syndication as it is known more popularly) refers to a family of web formats that is used to publish information for frequently updated web sites, like blog posts, newspaper headlines and journals. Subscribing to a website RSS removes the need for the user to manually check the website for new content. In addition, by entering these 'feeds' into an aggregator or feed reader (Feedly is our current favourite - since Google decided to nix Google Reader), you will have all that content 'pushed' to you, notifying you of new posts. That's our secret to knowing the latest article published in Lancet. Look for this icon to find RSS feeds for your favourite website:


There are many advantages to using RSS feeds - you can get all the content you consume into one 'reader' i.e. news, medical journals, blogs etc. And, in addition, you can skim the headline, or the abstract - and decided if you want to click the link to read the full article in the original website. Enjoy!