New for NephJC tonight: Topics

In case you haven't signed up for our mailing list (really - why not? go there and do it now!)  - We are going deep on the FDA approved NephroCheck™, a new test for the early diagnosis of AKI. This is not industry sponsored BS, just honest, crowd-sourced, EBM.

For this #NephJC we have three topics we want to discuss:

*please preface your tweets with the topic: i.e. T0, T1 and so on*

Topic Zero: How are you currently diagnosing AKI?

  • Is it all FENa and a microscope slide? 
  • What do you think of the KDIGO AKI stages?
  • How do you use oliguria?

Topic 1: Evaluate their strategy for developing a novel test for AKI.

Three studies in 2 papers:

  1. Discovery: the scientists tested 340 biomarkers and came up with a pair that performed best. N=522.

  2. Sapphire: validated the biomarker from Discovery in a unique cohort. N=744.

  3. Topaz: A separate study just to validate the results of Sapphire. N=420.

Is this a compelling story line? Is this a fair way to discover and validate a test? Do you agree with the conclusions?

Topic 2: Evaluating a test.

  • On ROC the area under the curve was 0.82. Good enough?
  • Two cutoffs are provided, one is sensitive (92%) and the other is specific (95%). How will you use that?

Topic 3: So what?

  • How will having a 12 hour lead time change your management?
  • Should we expect trials designed to change the course of AKI to use NephroCheck™?