AskASN chat tonight about organ allocation

Tonight the AskASN chat will include Michelle Josephson, director of kidney transplantation at the University of Chicago and Nicolae Leca, medical director of Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation at the University of Washington.

The old system's framework wwas established in 1988 and was built in a world with a smaller transplant system.

Waiting time was the focus of the old system and did not match organs to patients by considering the duration the kidney would be needed which results in wasted kidney years. 

The goals of the new system include:


  • increase the life-years gained by kidney transplantation
  • maintain access to transplantation across all age groups
  • maintain priority for pediatric patients
  • improve access for sensitized recipients and minorities
  • promote use and recovery of expanded criteria kidneys by expanding the geographic sharing of these organs

This chat will discuss:

Why did the system change?

How has the transition gone so far?

What unexpected events have occurred?

Have you seen any changes?

How has the KDPI worked out?

Any changes or tweaks in the future?

Please join us right now!