#AskRenal, a new social media initiative to help medical students

Renal physiology and pathophysiology is widely regarded as one of the most challenging subjects in the pre-clinical studies of medical school. The challenging subject has been blamed for the downturn in interest in our fine specialty. To help combat this we have started an initiative where a medical students can post a question to Twitter and get an answers from practicing nephrologists and basic scientists. See the kick off post at PBFluids.

The way this works is, if a student has a question they post it to Twitter with the hashtag #AskRenal. We have a bot that scours Twitter for this hashtag and will retweet the question while tagging @NephJC. NephJC will amplify the question to its audience of nephrology nerds who will then provide answers tagging the initial questioner.

Everything is in place, we are just waiting to get some student questions.

Inorder to better promote this we would like to capture when different medical students teach renal physiology and renal pathophysiology. If you know the schedule of one or two medical schools, please enter the class timing on to this crowd sourced spreadsheet