TWiN - The Week In Nephrology (15 Feb 2016)

  • Starting this week comes a provocative study published in AJKD by Kam Kalantar-Zadeh regarding the use of incremental HD/Twice weekly HD in patients with substantial residual kidney function. Read it here. Also read the counter argument in an AJKD editorial.
  • How the evolution of dialysis and related technologies guided the ethics of "how resources should be used and who should have access to them" . Dr Butler and colleagues explore the healthcare delivery system through the history of dialysis in a recent CJASN article.
  • Retweeted and liked this week was a January article published by Dr Kenar Jhaveri in CJASN "Nephrologists as Educators: Clarifying Roles, Seizing Opportunities" . It identifies eight attending roles of the nephrologist which can be converted into educational opportunities.
  • A new drug and a new target for TTP ? This NEJMeditorial discusses the Von Willebrand Factor as the new target and Caplacizumab as the drug. The Phase 2 results of the TITAN trial were published in the same issue.
  • Dr Bargman and Dr Lee discuss the utility or futility of studies exploring the survival of patients by dialysis modality in this CJASN article. The quality of life and not the length of life maybe the deciding factor for the individual patient.


BLING - BLogs In NephroloGy (15 Feb 2016)