What's up with the NephJC signal cityscape

In the last few months we have been scheduling our chats out further and further, however this breaks down when a high impact trial is published. This led to the concept of the emergency NephJC chat. We did it first for AKIKI and ELAIN:

And then most recently for this week's chat on EMPA-REG

Some people have asked about the buildings in the cityscape. They are:

Sears Tower in Chicago for Edgar

Leaning Tower of Pisa for Francesco

The Gherkin in London for Tom and Matt

The Statue of Liberty in New York for Kenar and Scherly

The CN Tower of Toronto for Swapnil (closest I could get to Ottawa)

The Renaissance Center in Detroit for Joel

The AT&T building in Nashville for Anna

The Trans America Pyramid in San Francisco for Graham

That's not the whole team but it is a start.