The Evolution of the Journal Club: From Osler to Twitter

Last year a number of the NephJC work group began research and compiling a comprehensive history of the journal club. This evolved into this AJKD publication:

During the editorial process AJKD wanted us to trim the history of the journal club in favor of more information about NephJC. The document discloses a number of metrics about NephJC including some data on participation based on topic, author presence, and journal type. We even got a full color figure showing the breakdown of participants and fraction of tweets from NephJC workgroup members versus non-members. Some of those early chats were just a handful of NephJC peeps talking to ourselves. It has really matured in the nearly three years of the organization.

Most importantly, the article was fuel for Matt Sparks' most viral tweet ever! Give him another retweet. Let's see how many RTs and Favs we can get him.

Also, since Twitter is a component of the Altimetric score, and Twitter loves to talk about Twitter this article is going crazy. Check it out


The article is currently open access but will be tucked behind a paywall in a week or so. Get it while you can.