Accusation of data fraud in dozens of scientific articles

John Carlisle, a consultant anaesthetist at Torbay Hospital, used statistical jiu-jitsu to detect anomalies in the demographic data of a number of high profile articles.

John Carlisle

John Carlisle

This is a fast moving story, but it has the potential to bring down multiple careers. The AASK trial is on the list of suspect articles.

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UPDATE [June 8th 2017]

Most statisticians seem unimpressed.

Nick Brown @Steamtraen with a nice explanatory walkthrough

Andrew Gelman (@statmodeling) philosophical take

Tom's tweet that started a loong thread, with input from Eugene Lin, Stephen Senn and Perry Wilson:

UPDATE 2 [June 12th 2017]

Perry Wilson @Methodsmanmd distils the bewildering stats into something we can understand. Full text here (pay attention to the footnotes!), video embedded below:

TL;DR not really a bombshell.