Chapter 8- The Candle is Lit

Pablo Garcia, NSMC intern takes a crack at chapter 8.

The Candle is Lit

In the eighth chapter, the author describes two important moments in her life. One is her wedding with Robert and the other is her decision to become a physician. The wedding was an important event for both because it represented spiritual unity. But the most beautiful thing about this event was that they already shared more than just vows, they shared a kidney. Although many things that went wrong during the wedding ceremony, Grubbs made clear that this union was perfect from the moment she was able to donate him a kidney and everything worked out perfectly.

In this chapter, the author takes us to a trip back in time while she lived in Spring Lake, North Carolina. She was a high-school student who often felt out of place in her own home town. I enjoyed her interaction with Ms. Davis, her first mentor. They built a relationship based on the common belief that Vanessa was a bright student that needed to be pushed.

I am sure everyone reading this chapter will identify with the interaction between Vanessa and her high school teacher. We all have had one or two mentors who make sure we become the best version of ourselves. It was clear that Vanessa took the opportunity seriously and importantly followed her brother's recommendation to pursue a career in medicine instead of becoming a medical technologist as she previously planned.

A great chapter, that was both motivational and romantic.