The #NephJC #KidneyWk Poster Tours

If you want to know what happened in the last five years go to the didactic sessions, if you want to know what will be happening in the next five years go to the posters.

Posters are one of the highlights of any national meeting. We think the best way to check out the is to be guided by someone who has done their homework. For the third year #NephJC will be ding guided poster tours. Join us on Thursday and Saturday (The Late Breaking and High Impact trials session is on Friday at ten o’clock so we will be furiously tweeting instead of touring the poster sessions).

Thursday: Joel Topf, Cathy Quinlan, and Anna Burgner

Saturday: Swapnil Hiremath and Maryam Khosravi

We will be meeting at the Arkana Laboratories (Booth 1109) in the vendor area.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 11.02.41.png

Thank-you Satellite Healthcare for sponsoring the #NephJC Poster Tours.