The NSMC and NephJC Code of Conduct

NephJC started out as a group of interested individuals chatting about nephrology journal articles a couple of times a month. That was 4 years ago and since then it has gained steam and momentum. A year later we started the NSMC Social Media Internship. A year after that we started having sponsored meet-ups at #KidneyWk and now we are incorporated and soon will be a registered non-profit educational organization.

As we have matured from a gathering to a formal organization we have thought about how our behavior is an example and needs to represent the best of #NephTwitter. About six months ago Matt Sparks and Scherly Leon, with input from the NSMC interns and faculty started to put together a code of conduct for NephJC and NSMC.

This was not in response to poor behavior but to anticipate and prevent it.

When did Noah build the ark?
Before the rain.

The code of conduct is now complete and is available under the “More” tag in the header. We do not anticipate this will be a static document but will undego periodic revision.