They're back: The NephJC Kidneys

Once again the most prestigous awards in Nephrology Social Media, the NephJC Kidneys are gearing up for the the third year.  We need your help to nominate candidates.

The categories are:

  • Article of the Year

The most important nephrology study of the year

  • Nathan Hellman Social Media Project of the Year

A novel nephrology social media project with the greatest impact

  • Engaged Researcher of the Year.

Investigator with the best participation in a NephJC chat

  • NephJC Rookie of the Year.

Best new participant in NephJC

  • NephJC Most Valuable Player.

Best NephJC participant

Please send in your nominations by tweeting with the hashtag #NephJCKidneys

The awards will be announced at the NephJC and NSMC Tweet-Up at Kidney Week on Friday October 26. The Tweet-up includes a real dinner this year! More details soon.