Missed a #NephJC? There's a fix for that!

Did you miss a #nephjc chat like I did on Childhood Pediatric Kidney Disease or an #askasn chat on Cardiorenal Syndrome? Look no further! I found a way to search twitter for a certain time frame to catch up on all that I missed from the likes of @rheault_m and @Nephro_Sparks

Step 1

Go to the nephjc website and pick which article’s chat you want to catch up on


Step 2

Click to check what date the chat was hosted, there are two dates, one in the evening for the US crowd and another the following day in the afternoon time for the European contingent. For this journal club chat it was between 2.20.18-2.21.18


Step 3

Go to twitter and type in #nephjc


Step 4

 Click on search filters


Step 5

 Click on advanced search


Step 6

Make sure to type in the hashtag and dates. I searched dates with one day buffer before and after, so if original chat dates were 2.20.18-2.21.18, I searched 2.19.18-2.21.18


Ta da! Happy scrolling. The order of the tweets is most recent on top, if you want to get a flow of how the actual chat went you’ll have to scroll all the way down to when introductions are happening

Step 7

Happy twitter searching :)

Twitter skills shared by Nimra Sarfaraz,

Nephrologist, Texas and NSMC Intern, class of 2018