#NephJC live was a great success

On Saturday at Kidney Week, just after the Late Breaking/High-Impact trials, NephJC held its first, in-real-life, journal club. Over 30 people trudged the mile from the convention center to the Double Tree where we did two short scientific presentations with discussions. Our first speaker, Dr. Wilson (@Nephrolalia) said it best when he said it was the first time he had given a talk where the ratio of presentation time to question and discussion time was 1:4.

This was important because we did not want NephJC live to be just another symposium where you listen to experts for the full hour. There is enough of that at the primary conference. The topics were hot, the speakers sharp and the discussion spirited.

Turn out was good with over 30 people coming to the event. Note that our best twitter discussion had 30 people.

Storify forthcoming.