#KidneyWk14 Social Media Awards The #TNOTs

As part of NephJC live we will be awarding social media awards. We will be giving recognition and prizes for:

  • Best use of Twitter during Kidney Week
  • Best Storify on Kidney Week
  • Best Blog post on Kidney Week
  • Best Fresh Face for a person new to the social media scene making an impact at Kidney Week

If the use of social media has not rocketed you up the academic ranks, it is probably because you have no awards to show for it. Come to NephJC Live and get the recognition you deserve! Remember NephJC founders are not eligible for prizes.

The awards for social media will be decided by a blue ribbon panel made up by, our two speakers, Drs. Sawinsky and Wilson; our two founders, Drs. Topf and Swapnil; and Ivan Oransky and Kristina Fiore of MedPage Today.

We need submissions for best use of social media. So tweet links to examples with the hashtag #TNOT (Top nephrologist of twitter).