The next #NephJC, diving into CJASNs Renal Physiology Series

CJASN is doing an exemplary series on renal physiology. We will be examining the latest article in the series, the distal convoluted tubule, on January 6 and7 for NephJC. The editors wrote a great introduction to the series discussing both the mission and its means last July. The final few sentences from the editorial.

The reviews will be brief but comprehensive, and, therefore, they will be accessible to practicing nephrologists, clinician educators, and trainees, but of sufficient heft to provide a focused review for renal physiologists. To enhance clarity, we will try to use a single visual vocabulary for diagrams of tubules and glomerular cells to make sure that the illustrations are consistent across the different review articles in the series. We hope that these reviews will be helpful to practitioners and trainees and useful as they teach physiology to the next generation of residents and medical students.
— Zeidel, Hoenig, and Palvesky