Cleveland Clinic Foundation score? What's up with that?

This week's NephJC is discussing JAMA's provocative paper on reversible ischemic preconditioning. The methods used The Cleveland Clinic Foundation ARF score to enroll high risk patients:

I had heard of this but was not facile with it. Some quick googling pulled up this Paganini paper about the derivation and validation of the score:

Here is the score they used to predict the risk of dialysis requiring acute renal failure after cardiac surgery:

Look at the score from a creatinine of just 2.1 mg/dl!

Here is the risk from the scores:

Those confidence intervals for scores above 9 are scary wide, but it looks pretty reliable below there.

This Cleveland Clinic Foundation Score was at the center of an interesting Twitter interaction last week. 

Here is the table in question with the strange Cleveland Clinic Score highlighted:

Ross got a quick response from the editors of JAMA. Color me impressed: