#NephJC does #RIPC Tues Aug 11 and Wed Aug 12. And thanks to @jama_current

RIPC = Remote Ischemic PreConditioning

We hope to see many of you in one of these chats. Thanks again to Preeti Malani, and the folks at JAMA for supporting us - both with providing a toll-free access to the article (at this link), and for providing some prizes - cool JAMA swag! 

So for discussion, the topics will be

  • T0: Do you use a risk score to stratify patients pre-op for risk of AKI? The authors in this study used the Cleveland Clinic risk score, but there are others. If you use a risk score, which one do you use?
  • T1: Do you agree with the inclusion exclusion criteria? especially GFR < 30 as an exclusion? How about the particulars of doing the RIPC? 50 mm Hg > systolic or 200 mm Hg, whichever is lower for 5 minutes X 3. Is the sham acceptable? Lack of blinding the investigators an issue?
  • T2: Dive into the results. What do people make of the difference in secondary outcomes (less effect in mild AKI?). The biomarker outcomes are also intriguing, do you agree with the interpretation?
  • T3: What happens now? The authors think of this as a phase-2 study. What outcomes would you like to see in the next study? Intervention is simple and cheap - or is it?