Announcing The NephJC Kidney Awards

First there was the Tonys...Then the Grammys...And the Emmys

and now here are the NephJC Kidney Awards

In the past NephJC has given awards for the best social media participation during ASN Kidney Week but, now in cooperation with Satellite Healthcare, we are expanding it to include a number of new categories.

The categories are:

  • Investigation of the Year
    The most important nephrology publication of the year

  • Social Media Initiative of the Year
    The nephrology social media project with the greatest impact

  • Engaged Researcher of the Year.
    Investigator with the best participation in a NephJC chat

  • NephJC Rookie of the Year.
    Best new participant in NephJC

  • NephJC Most Valuable Player.
    Best NephJC participant

We are looking for nominations for each of these categories. Work fast because nominations close in 10 days. You can send your nominations to or tweet them with the Hashtag #NephJCKidneys.

Each nominee will get a NephJC gift bag at Kidney Week and the winners will be announced at the NephJC Tweet-up on Friday, November 18 at Benny’s Chop House.