The finalists for the inaugural NephJC Kidneys

Thanks for the outpouring of participation following our call for nominations for the NephJC Kidney Awards. It has been heart warming to see our community step up and participate when asked. It is what makes working in nephrology social media so rewarding.

Though we did not specify in the instructions, all NephJC Workgroup members are ineligible for a NephJC Kidney but I want to give a shout out to Hector Madriaga and Matt Sparks who racked up a ton of engagement in their nominations for MVP. We agree with you, they are our secret weapons and we are immensely grateful for all they bring to NephJC.

With no further ado, here are your nominees for the 2016 NephJC Kidneys...

NephJC Rookie of the Year:

J Brian Byrd

Eoin O. Sullivan

Silvi Shah

Engaged Scientist of the Year:

EXTRiP Workgroup

Stephane Gaudry

Ben Humphreys

Rafael Kramann

Stuart Goldstein

Most Valuable Player of the Year:

Kevin J Fowler

Rob Peel

Malvinder Parmar

Daniel Coyne

Florian Buchkremer @SwissNephro

Nathan Hellman Award for Social Media Initiative of the Year:

Timothy Yau for WashU Nephrology Web Episodes

H. Sternlicht for Concepts in Hypertension e-newsletter

Tejas Desai for NephOnDemand Analytics

Zach Cahill for ASN Communities

Study of the Year:

EMPA-REG Empagliflozin and Progression of Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetes. NephJC Coverage

Proton pump inhibitor use and the risk of chronic kidney disease. NephJC Coverage

SPRINT A Randomized Trial of Intensive versus Standard Blood-Pressure Control. NephJC Coverage

AKIKI Initiation Strategies for Renal-Replacement Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit.

The first three categories are determined by the NephJC Work group. The last two are open votes with everybody in the community eligible to vote for their favorites. So what are you waiting for, go vote!