The #NephJC December Schedule

We have two topics scheduled for #NephJC this month.

The first is happening this Tuesday and Wednesday (December 6th and 7th). We will be talking about Dr. Himmelfarb's interesting editorial on CKD staging and the way forward for nephrology.

You can find it behind the CJASN paywall here. We will work on getting it open access but with such a short lead time don't hold your breath.

We will discuss this at 9 PM EST on Tuesday and at 8 PM GMT on Wednesday. Look for a full summary soon.

Then on December 20th and 21st we will be talking about the RCT on exercise and clinical outcomes in dialysis patients. Get the article here.

As a December bonus on Tuesday the 13th, ASN President, Eleanor Lederer (Twitter), will participate in another ASN Twitterchat #AskASN.