NephJC Summer Book Club Selection

Thanks everyone for voting. The results are in and Eric Topol's The Patient Will See You Now won.

The voting looked like this:

But the reason we asked how likely you are to read the book was so we could weight the votes. The weighting worked like this:

  • 0.2 for I'll read it if I have time
  • 0.4 for I'll read it if it is the book I want
  • 0.6 for 50-50
  • 0.8 for I will buy and start
  • 1.0 for scout's honor

This turned out to not really affect the results

So Topol's book it is. The Patient Will See You Now examines how changes in technology are forcing a democratization of medicine and empowering patients in an unprecedented way. This seems like an important theme for today medical climate. The exact date of the chat has not been fixed but it will likely be mid to late July, so start reading. Watch the blog for summaries of all the chapters, similar to how we covered Being Mortal.