#NephJC and #EXTRIP (June 21/22), #EMPA-ReG (June 28/29)

It has been an exciting year for trials in Nephrology. The latest one is EMPAREG, which reported its renal outcomes in the NEJM recently. We will be discussing this trial on June 28th and June 29th. 

Hence, we will be doing the EXTRIP chat the coming week, on June 21st and 22nd. We are lucky to have some of the foremost toxicology experts who will be joining us for the chat. 

Marc Ghannoum,  @EXTRIP  Workgroup

Marc Ghannoum, @EXTRIPWorkgroup

David Juurlink,  @davidjuurlink

David Juurlink, @davidjuurlink

David Goldfarb,  @weddellite

David Goldfarb, @weddellite

The blog posts to cover the common drugs for extracorporeal removal will be posted on UKidney shortly [Update: Now live at UKidney]. The NSMC interns and NephJC staff have been working hard to get them all ready in time. 

Check out all the EXTRIP publications on their website (which has access to the full text PDFs too). 

Here's a storify of why this chat is necessary