TWiN (The Week in Nephrology) June 20 2016

Mycophenolic acid inhibits the rate limiting enzyme in de novo purine synthesis. Its action is not limited to T and B cells. It has some effects on non-immune cells like mesangial cells and podocytes. This review paper in Pediatric Nephrology sheds light on the molecular mechanisms of the anti proteinuric effect of MMF.

The conundrum of selecting the most appropriate vascular access for elderly patients who choose hemodialysis is explored in this review by Tushar Vachharajani (@tvachh), Kevan Polinghorne (@kevanp2) and others in Nature Reviews.

SGLT2 inhibitors are getting increasing footage in the press with the recently published trials. The FDA has strengthened its kidney injury warning for this group of drugs and as Dr Alice Cheng(@AliceYYCheng), endocrinologist from Toronto reminds us that SGLT2 inhibitors are part of the SADMANS - Sick day medication mnemonic.

Multiple Myeloma - 2016 update on diagnosis, risk stratification and management was recently published in the American Journal of Hematology by Dr Vincent Rajkumar(@VincentRK) from Mayo.

ICYMI - An 2010 Seminars in Dialysis paper from Dr Jula Inrig on antihypertensive agents for the hemodialysis patients was doing the rounds on twitter this week. Good bookmark!

The new classification of donation after circulatory death (DCD) donors (Modified Maastricht Classification) was published recently in Transplant International.

- Nikhil Shah (@dr_nikhilshah)


And now Hector Madariaga(@HecmagsMD)  brings you the best of #ATC2016Boston in a 5 part storify collection.