The #EXTRIP #NephJC wrap up

This chat was really special. We had a lot of new participants - experts from the toxicology world, and many individuals sharing their experience. Many scintillating conversations (with some prominent disagreements!). Should we dialyse someone with asymptomatic high Lithium levels (yes), is rebound of lithium levels after we stop dialysis a bad thing (maybe not) and should we really dialyse in acetaminophen toxicity (ahem...see the storify and make up your mind on that one!).

If you haven't yet, check out all the summaries on UKidney. The full texts of the EXTRIP guidelines are easily available on their website too.

Lastly, remember - we have an emergency session of #NephJC *next week* on June 28 and 29. #NephJC staff is working overtime to cover the EMPAREG-Renal outcomes.