The NephJC Kidneys are off to cracking start

Last week we asked people to submit nominations for the second annual NephJC Kidney Awards. The community did not disappoint and we have had an avalanche of submissions. Here are all of them we could find (note: if you block Joel, Swapnil and/or the NephJC twitter accounts, we will not be able to see your tweets or your nominations). If we missed your nomination, send a tweet to @Kidney_Boy or @HSwapnil. You may also send nominations to 

It is not too late to get your nominations in. We will close nominations Sunday, October 8th at Midnight (EDT).

Here are the nominations as they stand today:


Roger Rodby (4)

Arvind Canchi

Benjamin Stewart

Dearbhla Kelly

Krishna Penmatsa

Nathan Hellman Social Media Project of the Year

GlomCon (2)

Everyday Cases in Nephrology (3)

Last Month in Nephrology (2)

Visual Abstracts

Arkana Labs Social Media initiatives

ASN (for their revised social media guidelines for Kidney Week)

ISN Education

Rookie of the Year

Roger Rodby (2)

Devika Nair

Pablo Garcia

Bea Concepcion (2)

Cathy Quinlan

Engaged Investigator of the Year

Jonathan Himmelfarb

Liz Lightstone

Katalyn Susztak (2)

Sherry Mansour

Jessica Sheehan Tangren

Laurie Tomlinson

Trial of the Year

Increased salt consumption induces body water conservation and decreases fluid intake

Estimating the Risk of Radiocontrast-Associated Nephropathy.

Amacing Trial

Serum creatinine elevation after renin-angiotensin system blockade and long term cardiorenal risks: cohort study.