This Tuesday, #AskASN on Innovation in Kidney Education

The ASN is stimulating innovation in nephrology by sponsoring a contest. In 2016 there were 3 winners:

  1. OPEN Pediatrics Hemodialysis Simulator
  2. Hyponatremia Illustrated Interactive Powerpoint
  3. Renal Pathology Web Episodes

On Tuesday June 27 at 9pm EDT we will be discussing them as part of an #AskASN chat.

It should be great, we will have all three winners participating in the chat:

Deborah Stein (@DeborahRStein) led the team that did the hemodialysis simulator.

Tamim Hamdi from the hyponatremia simulator team (@tamim_hamdi).

NSMC faculty member and AJKD social media editor Timothy Yau (@Maximal_Change) of the Washington University Renal Pathology Web Episodes.


Dig deeper with these posts on each educational asset