Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers--the Wrap Up

One of the early concepts behind NephJC was to expand the topics beyond simply the research literature. We wanted to cover clinical practice guidelines and influential editorials. The most ambitious of these alternatives was full books.

Our first year we did Atul Gawande's Being Mortal. The blog posts for this book are still consistently pulling page views.

The following year we did Eric Topol's The Patient Will See You Now.

This year we were delighted to have a book written by a nephrologist for a larger audience. A nephrologist who wrote a book who gave voice to the problems and challenges faced by all of us caught up in the world of end-stage kidney disease. patients, doctors, and care givers. Having Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers come out right when we were deciding on a book was amazing coincidence. We caught lightning in a bottle. 

I want to thank all of the NSMC Interns and members of the NephJC Work Group who buckled down to generate the 19 bog posts for every chapter of the book.

The chats went well and we were lucky to have Vanessa Grubbs, not only write a post, but participate in both chats.

Here is the Storify of the book chats.