#NephJC100: The first 100 NephJC Chats

Thank you

Renal denervation is the hundredth chat since NephJC began in April 2014. 

Just like the product of the kidneys is homeostasisparticipation is the product of #NephJC.

The first chat had 22 people and 251 tweets. The two renal denervation chats had 161 participants and 1053 tweets. In addition to the people seen above, we know we have an additional audience of lurkers that read the summaries, watch the tweets, but don't participate. We appreciate the lurkers but we are here to toast the participants. Participants are the people who make us smarter than we could ever be alone.

Thanks for playing with us.

Looking back

Every idea requires both inspiration and execution. The idea of a Twitter Journal Club was an inspired idea, and Drs Natalie Silvey and Fi Douglas did an excellent job of defining what a Twitter Journal Club is. If they were to join any NephJC they would recognize many parts of what we do today as their innovations from 2011. However, the original Twitter Journal Club lasted only about a year. I don't think they made it past 20 chats. NephJC has had its share of inspiration (Visual Abstracts, Summer Book Club, Kidney Week Meet Up, NephJC Kidneys, Kidney Week Poster Tour, come to mind), but what defines the success is the execution. It is making sure that twice a month there is a background blog post, a newsletter, a host to lead the chat. We have had a hundred times to fail and here we are, four years after that first announcement, still batting 1.000.

execution over inspiration

Looking forward

Some other thoughts. NephJC seems to have solidified into a pretty predictable pattern. That isn't necessarily bad, but if there is some innovation we should try we want to listen to our participants. What should we try? What do you want to see?

Should we try to get CME credit for NephJC chats? If you would like to see that, would you like to be the person that does the leg work for this?

Should we be doing more clinical practice guidelines? Should we do more basic science? 

Does anybody have a NephJC Podcast-sized hole in their life?

Should NephJC create a Slack? Stake out some territory on Reddit?

What ideas do you have?


–Joel Topf, on behalf of NephJC

Swapnil did a nice interview on hypertension on The Accad and Koka Report at the beginning of the interview there is a nice discussion on NephJC.

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