Free Pre-Kidney Week ASN Forum for Emerging Kidney Physiologists

When and Where?

On Wednesday October 24th at the San Diego Convention Center, Room 23 (during ASN Kidney Week)

What is the cost?

free... yes that is correct... absolutely free

How to attend? 

email if you are interested in attending 

Why have this forum? 

This is an effort to increase the pipeline of investigators interested in careers in basic research particularly in the application of physiology to kidney diseases. ASN is interested in ensuring basic research is well represented during Kidney Week. No doubt we are seeing a resurgence of physiology and with new genetic/omics discoveries we need robust physiology laboratories to translate these findings. Look at impact SGLT2 inhibitors and vasopressin antagonists are making in nephrology. 

Who should attend? 

Anyone interested in a career in basic science research. Particularly, PhD students, post-docs, fellows, junior faculty members. We also invite senior faculty members who can help to collaborate, fill post-doc positions, and serve as mentors.

What topics will be covered?

Two separate career development sessions will be offered.

  • The first will be geared towards discussing tips/strategies for being successful in research. On hand will be representatives from the NIH, AHA, ASN, and VA. There will be a variety of tables to help guide an early career investigator.

  • The second afternoon session is geared towards fostering collaboration and finding resources to help put together a scientific research plan. There will be representatives from each of the O'Brien Kidney Centers among other research groups. Topics will focus on modern physiologic techniques with genetics, 'omics', state-of-the-art phenotyping, in genetically engineered animal models, human translation, and new in vitro systems. The meeting is designed to foster the next generation of investigators working in the field.

What about oral presentations?

Ample opportunity will be given to discuss the latest advances in kidney related physiology research. If you would like to present your work please email We will even accept abstracts scheduled to be presented at ASN Kidney Week.  

What is the main event? 

The day will end with a topical debate between two senior investigators. They will discuss new and emerging concepts related to the distal nephron. David Ellison will square up against Arohan Subramanya. This will be Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker and sure to be interesting.

Who is organizing this meeting? 

The organizing committee consists of Paul Welling, Robert Fenton, James McCormick, Arohan Subramanya, James Stockand, Michelle Gumz, Matthew Sparks, Ina Maria Schiessl, Aylin Rodan, Jennie Lin. This meeting is officially sanctioned by ASN.

What is the schedule? 

below is the tentative schedule


Career Development Networking session

  • How to get the most out of your mentor/mentee relationship

  • Time management strategies

  • Once you have your position: transitioning to independence and promotion & tenure

  • Choosing your graduate or postdoc lab

  • Tips for international trainees in and out of the U.S.

  • Challenges in starting a lab

**we are aware of conflicts and unfortunately this is an inevitable part of Kidney Week. Please consider attending**

Post by Matt Sparks on behalf of the Organizing Committee