The #NephJC party at Kidney Week

In 2014, just 6 months into #NephJC, we had a live #NephJC event during the Kidney Week in Philadelphia, with support from MedPage Today. Perry 'methodsman' Wilson presented his study - soon to be published in Lancet. 

The 2015 #NephJC celebration in San Diego featured the graduation of the first #NSMC intern class. 

The #NephJCKidneys made their appearance at the 2016 #NephJC gathering, in Chicago. 

2017, of course, marks the year #NephJC and social media broke through to the mainstream. Joel received the Robert Narins award. NephGate and NephMadness made it to the #NephJCKidneys.

We are grateful to the initial support from Medpage Today, and then Satellite Healthcare for the last 3 years in particular. Thanks!


For 2018, we are still working out the details - but mark your calendars: the #NephJC tweet-up will be on Friday Oct 26th. The NSMC class of 2018 will graduate. The #NephJC awards will be handed out - details to follow.


In addition, we will also have our popular #NephJC poster tours.

Stand by for details!