The #NephJCKidneys are rolling up nominations.

Two weeks ago we asked the community to nominate the best of #NephTwitter for the third annual Nephrology social media awards. The nominations have been very active this year with over 35 candidates across the 5 categories.

Nominations will close next Friday, October 5th and then there will be 10 days to get your votes in for the Nathan Hellman award and the Study of the Year Award. The awards will be announced and delivered at the #NephJC San Diego Beach Party at #KidneyWk on October 26th. The trophy this year includes art work by Faye. (It’s a kidney isn’t it? I bet it’s a kidney!)

And here are the nominated candidates so far…

Article of the Year:

Of the list of papers discussed in NephJC this year, these papers were the nominated

  1. REPRISE The second trial showing that tolvaptan slowed ADPKD

  2. PRESERVE The definitive trial putting a sword through the heart of bicarb and mucomyst to prevent contrast nephropathy. Still no definitive proof of contrast nephropathy itself, however.

  3. Apixaban in AF and dialysis Retrospective analysis showing that apixiban reduces stroke in afib in dialysis patients.

  4. Barbershop and blood pressure control Community effort to imporve blood pressure control in African American men.

  5. SPYRAL ON/OFF Rigorous study that shows that radiofrequency ablation of the renal nerves lowers blood pressure.

Nathan Hellman Social Media Project of the Year:

  1. Tony Breu (@tony_breu) for his excellent #Tweetorials.

  2. GlomCon (@GlomCon ) for their recent Nephropathology essentials project. Fantastic resource and series.

  3. Who didn’t listen to a (@thecurbsiders) podcast, especially those with @kidney_boy.

  4. Laura Brereton @LauraB_MPH for her “life as a nephrologist” podcast @nkf

  5. Rajnish Mehrotra (@rajmehrotra1122) editor-in-chief of @CJASN for early adoption of #VisualAbstracts.

  6. ISN education Social Media Team (@ISNeducation ) for excellent infographics and #FOAMed.

  7. #Nephpearls from (@edgarvlermamd) are awesome resource for nephrology updates, organized by the #, making it a huge online nephrology library.

  8. @Neph_Sim by @ssfarouk and @RachelHilburg for amazing learning cases.

Arvind Canchi (@arvindcanchi ) was also nominated for his excellent educational videos and every day cases in nephrology (@ECNeph), however he won last year so in the name of spreading the wealth around I am disqualifying him from the contest this year (Ed: What can I say, I’m a socialist).

Engaged Researcher of the Year:

  1. @RB_Cavalcanti & @MacMillanTom for the ddAVP clamp discussion.

  2. @bnallamo as engaged researcher for the Apixaban Chat.

  3. @GregoryTasian for his amazing work on Antibiotics and Kidney Stone Risk.

  4. @kidney_tom and @KidneyCathy defying time-zones and joining both #NephJC chats on kidney organoids.

  5. @StevenWeisbord & @paulpalevsky for joining the the Preserve Trial on contrast nephropathy.

  6. @MarvinGonzlez16 for joining both chats and answering Qs for mesoamerican nephropathy

NephJC Rookie of the Year:

  1. @mhtwenge from Myanmar for NephJC attendance dedication.

  2. @JamesNovakNeph for Showing up to each chat and offering opinions and thoughts.

  3. @manasib33 for her #NephJC useful stats project.

  4. @SaynaNorouzi for excellent videos on renal biopsy and clinical trials, ASN education innovation idea submission and kidney week poster.

  5. @LTummalapalli for her strong consistent contribution.

  6. @M_Elraggal for creating an #NSMC team and for #NCWC nephmadness choosing wisely campaign. Also for writing one of the most useful blog posts on organising scientific library @renalfellownetwork.

  7. @divyaa24 for her #VisualAbstract talent as well as her live interviewing skills.

  8. @bthomas215 for enthusiastic nephjc and nephmadness participation and work on the NephJC Primer.

  9. @aakashshingada for his talent in creating #VisualAbstracts and the incredible #livevisualabstract.

  10. @DiMiRenalMD for her passion about Nephrology, regular at @GlomCon co-creator of @landmark_neph (innovation submission) and @NBLUniv advocate.

  11. @SaynaNorouzi for bringing social media to rounds and nephjc participation.

  12. @MarioFunesMD PGY2 IM resident who shows up to each chat, usually on call. Massive dedication.

  13. @jenniejlin for bringing her basic science expertise to NephJC.

  14. @_Dr_MK for having a bang-up first year of Twitter.

  15. @Stones__ a dedicated nephjc contributor and, OMG, the winner of the #NephMadness!

NephJC Most Valuable Player:

  1. @_Dr_MK Writer for NephMadness, perpetrator of NephGate 2.0, climber of Mt Everest. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

  2. @PAWellingMD, always spreading physiology education and pushing us to dig deeper.

  3. @hswapnil , you all know him very well, “He doesn’t seek the attention. He only does the work consistently without any fanfare” (words by Kevin J. Fowler).

  4. @Errantnephron for coming up with idea of Spanish #NephJC and spearheading effort - with help from @HecmagsMD @anniebelch & @PabloGarciaMD

  5. @EleanorLederer, during her @ASNKidney presidency she embraced #NephTwitter and used medium to communicate and discuss important topics.

  6. @NephroRock, John embraced #SoMe and incorporated open access into #KIDNEYCon allowing for an annual meetup for #NephTwitter.

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