Get ready for the 2019 NephJC Kidneys

Once again it is award season. The most prestigious awards in Nephrology Social Media, the NephJC Kidneys, are gearing up for our fourth year. We need your help to nominate candidates.

The categories are:

Article of the Year

The most important nephrology study of the year (yeah, yeah, yeah, we know it’s going to be CREDENCE, but we need to go through the motions)

Best Visual Abstract (new)

Visual abstracts are improving science communication but not all visual abstracts are created equal. Let’s find the best visual abstract for a nephrology study.

Nathan Hellman Social Media Project of the Year

The Nate Hellman prize is intended to award a project that is making waves and is going to have a positive impact on #NephTwitter. Often, projects take some time to get going and reach their stride, so we do not want to limit this category to projects started in 2019, but we do want to limit it to projects that have broken through in the last year. So NephMadness is not eligible, but NephSIM is.

Engaged Researcher of the Year

One of the great things about NephJC is participation by authors in the chats. But some investigators really go beyond the call of duty to participate. This is where we recognize that commitment.

NephJC Rookie of the Year.

NephJC is many people’s first experience with social media medical education. The Rookie of the Year award is for the newcomer who is a regular and productive contributor to the discussions.

NephJC Most Valuable Player.

We appreciate every person that comes to and participates in NephJC, but some people really add a lot of value to the chats. The MVP is for the best NephJC participant in the last year.


Please send in your nominations by tweeting the nominee with the hashtag #NephJCKidneys. We try to spread the wealth; previous winners are ineligible so please don’t nominate them. The ‘year’ refers to the 12 months from the last Kidney Week and the NephJC tweetup, so from October 2018 to September 2019. We will be accepting nominations in all categories for the next two weeks and then there will be a vote.


The Article of the Year, Best Visual Abstract, and The Nathan Hellman Award have open voting where all of #NephTwitter is eligible to vote. The remaining three categories are voted on by the NephJC steering committee.

Here are the previous NephJC Kidney Award winners:


The awards will be announced at the NephJC and NSMC Tweet-Up at ASN Kidney Week on Friday, November 8. Details on the Tweet-up soon.