Nephrology Research: The Chat wrap up

This was a surprisingly rejuvenating exciting chat, hosted by Jennie, Divya and Sinead. For such an, ahem, nerdy topic, 163 peeps showed up to discuss the ways we can improve nephrology research. Including first author, Markos Tomidis.

You can see the breakdown by each session below

The transcripts of the three sessions are available below

Summary of Discussion

The discussion did vary, as expected, in the three different chats. The ARRIVE guidelines were known by some, but not all (unlike the CONSORT checklist, which was widely known). The point was made that this does not show that nephrology research is poor in quality, but that the reporting of the research definitely had room for improvement. Another highlight was some trialists chiming in to point out that important trials are being done now. And that the tide is turning. See some of those tweets, as well as a curation on Wakelet by Hector below: