NephJC Live at Kidney Week 2014

NephJC has been successful meeting twice monthly on Twitter, but we are upping the ante and doing a Tweet-up in real life.


Then the geniuses at MedPage Today agreed to help us out with this and getting the gig catered. So what we are saying is Free Lunch!


The hour long session will be packed with two scientific presentations. The idea is to have a live journal club giving everybody the opportunity to critique new science data presented by the investigators.

This is not going to be a sit on your butt and listen presentation. The speakers have been told to limit their opening remarks to 10 minutes and then we are going to start the questioning. We will also be live tweeting the event, hashtag #NephJC. So people playing at home can fire their questions in via twitter. Let the tweets fly!

The first speaker is Deirdre Sawinski, MD, Assistant Professor from University of Pennsylvania who is going to speaking on her study of kidney transplants in HIV positive patients.

Her presentation can be downloaded here.

The second is Francis Wilson, MD who will be presenting data from a recently completed RCT on acute kidney injury. In addition to a platinum plated CV he is an experienced singing waiter so hopefully we will get an ad hoc performance.

His presentation is available here.

As predicted we had a ton of engagement and had the most participants we have seen in a NephJC discussion, 39:


In addition to the science we awarded four social media awards:

  • Best use of Twitter during Kidney Week: Tom Oates, @toates_19
  • Also best use of Twitter during Kidney Week (we couldn't decide): David S Goldfarb, @weddellite 
  • Best Blogger during Kidney Week: Kenar Jhaveri, @kdjhaveri 
  • Best Fresh Face on social media during Kidney Week: Suresh M, @yemtweet 

We will check in with the winners next year to hear how their awards have changed their lives.

The awards for social media were decided by a blue ribbon panel made up by, our two speakers, Drs. Sawinsky and Wilson; NephJC co-founders, Drs. Topf and Swapnil; and Ivan Oransky and Kristina Fiore of MedPage Today.