The book club is coming!

On July 13th and 14th we will be doing the first NephJC book club on Atul Gawande's excellent Being Mortal.

Don't lose hope the book has some supremely uplifting chapters like the story of Bill Thomas bringing life to a nursing home with pets, lots of pets:

To get ready for the book club I found this article about the twitter book club #1Book140. Pretty interesting. My favorite part of the article is

But so what? For me, 1book140 was more enjoyable for its intimacy. Most of all, I liked how nice everyone was. So often the Internet is a place of derision and insult. But on 1book140, participants respected one another without having to be told to be nice.

I would be so happy if the conclusion of people take away from NephJC is that the people are nice and the conversation civil.