Twitter polls redux

A few months ago, we wrote about the nephro-twitterverse discovering twitter polls. Graham Abra and Thomas Hiemstra were early adopters, though response rates were ~ 20-40 at best then. But there are many more, with much better response rates. Check them out:

During #NephMadness, Krishna Penmatsa made a bunch of #PredictaPolls - check some notable ones:


Graham, again, on IgA nephropathy and pregnancy

Tomas Rohal on tweeps preference of social networks

Matt on the deprescribing PPI question

And the PPI article we discussed at #NephJC was actually decided on the basis of a twitter poll too!

What RRT modality would nephrons choose for themselves (sparked by a tweet from Scherly at #HDu)

Matt again on how nephrons  refer to themselves

Joel (was he making fun of my #DreamRCT, #MAGIK?