Twitter polls redux

A few months ago, we wrote about the nephro-twitterverse discovering twitter polls. Graham Abra and Thomas Hiemstra were early adopters, though response rates were ~ 20-40 at best then. But there are many more, with much better response rates. Check them out:

During #NephMadness, Krishna Penmatsa made a bunch of #PredictaPolls - check some notable ones:


Graham, again, on IgA nephropathy and pregnancy

Tomas Rohal on tweeps preference of social networks

Matt on the deprescribing PPI question

And the PPI article we discussed at #NephJC was actually decided on the basis of a twitter poll too!

What RRT modality would nephrons choose for themselves (sparked by a tweet from Scherly at #HDu)

Matt again on how nephrons  refer to themselves

Joel (was he making fun of my #DreamRCT, #MAGIK?

The Neph-Twitterverse discovers Twitter polls

A few weeks ago, the folks at twitter announced they were rolling out Twitter polls. Previously, tweeps would use manually counting responses or the RT-if-you-agree Fav-if-you-don't approach. This is how the polls were supposed to work:

So what, you might say? A few users (notably @conradhackett from Pew research) played a lot with them, sample poll:

The ease of setting one up, and the option to just click and be done were some of the major selling points. But it wasn't clear if would be just a passing fad or something more. I used one at the #KidneyWk, but there were few responders

Then Matt decided to poll the #nephjc followers after the suPAR chat

And Thomas Hiemstra decided to design his next #DreamRCT on therapy for Membranous nephropathy with a series of tweets:

Second scenario

And it wasn't long before Graham Abra re-ran an older question on the utility of urine eosinophils in allergic interstitial nephritis

another one on the duration of steroids in SLE, in remission

So we guess polls on twitter are here to say. Nephrology tweeps find it awesome (and I can say so with confidence, backed by facts, or shall we say, a poll?)

Swapnil Hiremath